AuthorScript® Video SD

AuthorScript Video SD, a component of the AuthorScript Video SDK, is a comprehensive solution for authoring video, audio, and still-image content stored on a PC into DVD-Video content compatible with hundreds of millions of set-top DVD players and DVD-equipped PCs worldwide. AuthorScript Video SD also features integrated support for the VCD and SVCD formats.

With close to 400 APIs covering all aspects of DVD-Video creation, AuthorScript Video SD's C++ libraries enable all the functionality needed at each stage of the production process:

build a project structure (i.e. Movies, Slideshows, Menus, Playlists, etc.);
populate the structure with references to source media (video, audio, and image files);
define navigation for buttons and PGCs;
define the look and feel of menus, either with custom settings or predefined styles;
define project attributes and settings (e.g. TV system, aspect ratio, language, etc.).
File Conversion:
convert referenced source asset streams into the elementary stream formats (e.g. MPEG-2 video) supported for playback in the target format (e.g. DVD-Video).
combine referenced source asset streams into the MPEG program stream format required for playback.
arrange all of the presentation content and navigation information into a file and directory structure ("disc image") readable by hardware and software DVD, VCD, or SVCD players.
record a disc image to recordable or rewritable media, or to a folder or file.